A flashback to the 1940s!

Flashback of Old Swiss Inn

Back in the 1940s, The Old Swiss Inn has already made its name, and it has one of the oldest names in the business. In 1946, is when we have started our original site on Dewey (now known as Roxas) Boulevard. After a few years we moved to our present site right beside Paco Park.

Shown in the picture is how we look like back then. Thanks to Mr. Werner Radke, who contacted us from Germany to send us his father’s pictures of Old Swiss Inn in the 1950s!

Eat your breakfast at Old Swiss Inn!


Don’t skip your most important meal of the day! Try our breakfast buffet at Old Swiss Inn Makati from 7AM to 10:30AM and create your favorite meal from our buffet menu. Our buffet features egg and pancakes, breads and cereals, and several hot main dishes. It comes with unlimited drinks of your choice, be it coffee, juice or tea.

We also serve fresh Pinkie’s Farm products like yogurts, milk, and vegetable salad. Enjoy all of these for 450.00 (per person) only!

It’s steak time!

Rib-eye Steak

Let’s go meat-crazy after Lent! The secret of an excellent steak is to use the best meat, and we only use US Angus Rib-Eye for our steaks. We don’t mess with its superior marbling: just a simple sear to lock in the flavors, salt, and pepper. That’s it. Oh, and the crunchy bit of fried fat on top. Eat it with our unlimited steak rice, which is fried in beef fat. You can see where this is going…..

Celebrate the Easter Sunday with our Raclette!

Raclette Celebrate Easter Sunday with a family lunch at Old Swiss Inn Makati.

Enjoy unlimited raclette from our raclette bar. We’ll melt this popular Swiss cheese right in front of you while you assemble your own sidings: baby potatoes, gherkins, pearl onions, and that very important dash of paprika.

Includes soup and a salad bar. P1,570/person. Call 8188251 for inquiries and reservations. Only on Easter Sunday, April 5, starting 12 noon to 2pm.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! March 17, 2015

corned beef slab

It’s St. Patrick’s Day today!! Don’t forget to wear green! Celebrate with a popular St. Paddy’s dish of corned beef and cabbage in Old Swiss Inn, where we brine our own brisket. (In picture: our corned beef carving).

You can order our corned beef from our signature menu, or order a slab for a showy carving to serve in a party at your house. Order our reuben or our NY deli sandwich or make your own. It’s very versatile!

Waatlander Fondue, the classic cheese fondue, has a tale to tell


Did you know that fondue is over 400 years old? Written records about it dated back in 1699 when a version of the dish calling for the cheese, wine and bread for dipping appeared in a cookbook published in Zurich, Switzerland. It has incarnated in the 18th and 19th century with various recipes. In 1930s, it was promoted as a Swiss National Dish, and later on in 1960s, this taste has gone through the tables of the North Americans.

You can taste this classic Swiss dish right here at the Old Swiss Inn. Who can say no to a meal which brings people together: sitting around on a hot pot and dipping bread cubes into a melted Gruyere and Emmenthal cheese, laced with Kirsch for that extra kick!

Taste a little bit of Swiss tradition in our Waatlander Fondue!


Kids Rule in Old Swiss Inn


Feel the encompassing joy and savor your quality time with your children this weekend at Old Swiss Inn. Wouldn’t it be comfy to enjoy a date with your kids while sharing the place that feels like home? Bring your little (4 feet and below) budding doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers or would-be Presidents for a free meal from our Kindermenu.

We can surely make your kids’ weekends or Fridays a happy one. Now, the next move is yours. Be a hero in your kids’ eyes. Dine with us now at Old Swiss Inn!