Make Your Own Swiss Sausage


Making your own sausage at home is not so difficult as it sounds. Here’s all you need to a successful homemade sausage recipe:

1 lb. 4 oz. salt
Black pepper, mix with salt        
1-1/2 tablespoon of Cinnamon
1 tablespoon allspice
1-1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
2 tablespoons garlic salt
2-1/2 tablespoons sugar
1 gallon burgundy wine
50 lbs meat, 70% pork, 30% beef, or 100% pork if they are lean butts.

Special equipment needed:

Meat grinder with coarse and fine dies
Sausage stuffer
Wooden rack to hang the sausage to dry


1.Slice your meat  and fat into chunks

2.Mix all the spices

3.Add the sugar and salt and mix again

4.Freeze meat at least 30mins.

5.After your sausage mixture has chilled grind the fat and gristly meat

6.Grind the lean meat through a ½” plate

7.Bring out your sausage stuffer, which should have been refrigerated. Run warm water through your sausage casings.

8.Slip the casing unto the stuffing tube

9.Stuff the meat into the stuffer

10.After you have finished stuffing, you may create links of your own

11.Hang your sausages to the wooden rack to dry

For an authentic Swiss/European sausage experience, dine with us at Old Swiss Inn!


Old Swiss Inn Caters!


We bet you enjoyed our famous Fondue, Raclette Nights and other Swiss favorites! How about we serve all of these in your own place?

Yes! Old Swiss Inn caters, from small parties to 1,000-person events. We don’t only serve food, we also take care of the music, flowers, decoration, and giveaways.

We make any event even more special with our accredited events venues all over the metro. Book now at Old Swiss Inn Catering service!

For the complete details about our catering, click here.

A Premium Swig for the Best Dads

Don Papa Rum_Father's Day


Old Swiss Inn partners with Don Papa Rum this Father’s Day, June 21, Sunday! Dine with us and all fathers receive a shot of Don Papa’s premium rum. Made in small batches, this premium rum is distilled in the foothills of Mount Kanlaon, Negros. Made from the finest Negros sugar cane and aged in oak barrels for 7 years.

For the story of Don Papa Rum, click here

Did you know the proper fondue consumption etiquette?

Fondue Bourguignonne

Before we remind you about our best-selling meat fondue, first, we’d like to share a tip.

Did you know that the right etiquette on fondue consumption is to avoid the dipping fork come in direct contact with one’s mouth? You should also be mindful that repeated dipping of an item is a big no-no. Just like that!

Now, when was the last time you spoiled yourself with our Fondue Bourguignonne? Remember that prime beef tenderloin cubes dipped in hot oil with a carousel of sauces? We bet you loved it! You should come back for another try!

Cheese trivia: Why does Swiss cheese have holes in it?

Swiss-CheeseEver wonder why are there holes in Swiss cheese? It is because of the “bacteria” used in making the cheese. These bacteria form holes on the dairy during the aging process. As the cheese ages and solidifies, the bacteria added continue to eat it away forming pockets on the cheese.

One kind of bacteria, the P. Shermani consumes the lactic acid excreted by other bacteria, in this process; carbon dioxide and propionic acid are given off from which the bubbles are formed. And, when a bubble bursts, it leaves a hole in the cheese.

There’s much more to learn about your favorite Swiss cheese. And there are different ways to enjoy it. Come to Old Swiss Inn and we’ll show you!

Old Swiss Inn offers all mothers a special treat this May 10, Mother’s Day!

Somerset Happy Mother's Day!new

Dine at our Makati branch and receive discount coupons at our newest neighbor, Creations by Lourd Ramos at his newest branch at the Somerset Olympia. Special prices for hair coloring and mani-pedi, as well as his other services!

Treat your mother to health and beauty this Sunday. For inquiries and reservations, call 8188251.

A flashback to the 1940s!

Flashback of Old Swiss Inn

Back in the 1940s, The Old Swiss Inn has already made its name, and it has one of the oldest names in the business. In 1946, is when we have started our original site on Dewey (now known as Roxas) Boulevard. After a few years we moved to our present site right beside Paco Park.

Shown in the picture is how we look like back then. Thanks to Mr. Werner Radke, who contacted us from Germany to send us his father’s pictures of Old Swiss Inn in the 1950s!